Mr. Chauhan

Since inception, GDR has been associated with Clients in the field of building construction and infrastructure spread across pan India and has grown into a sizeable organization now. GDR has extended its services whilst constantly keeping up with changing technology in the civil engineering field. Facing engineering challenges head-on is something our team looks forward to at GDR and operates with the utmost integrity and responsibility so as to build on the trust that we have earned from our clients over the period of years.

As can be seen from our website, you will find most of the ambitious projects that we have done in our portfolio include the most prestigious Bus Terminal in Gujarat, the longest Railway Bridge in Gujarat, the highest Residential Towers in Gujarat, and tailor made blast-proof structures and high spanning hangers for the Indian Air-force.

“Our employees are our greatest asset” – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination of our employees that we can serve our clients, generate long-term value and contribute to the society.

We at GDR continue to innovate and take the plunge into unchartered territories, as we believe that success is a route followed and not a destination reached.