Mr. Chauhan

Over the years, GDRPL has been a part of numerous iconic projects all over India. GDRPL has grown fourfold in the last decade. We have extended our services whilst keeping up with the ever so prominent technological advances in the civil engineering field. Facing engineering challenges head-on on a daily basis is something our team looks forward to here at GDRPL. We operate with the utmost integrity and responsibility so as to build on the trust that we have earned from our clients over the years.

As you surf through our website, you will find ample examples of industry leading projects within our portfolio; including the most prestigious bus terminal in Gujarat, the longest railway bridge in Gujarat, the highest residential towers in Gujarat, and taylor made blast-proof structures and high spanning hangers for the Indian Air-force. 

Employees are a company's strongest asset. Their collective effort to move forward, has made this company what it is today. Their hard-work and dedication have helped us to retain our stride through the ups and downs this firm has faced throughout its lifetime. Outside their contributions for GDRPL, our team members are also perpetually engaged in outreach programs in order to give back to society.

We at GDRPL will continue to innovate and take the plunge into unchartered territories as we believe that success is a route followed and not a destination reached.