Highway Lab Testing

Highway Lab Testing

Our Highway laboratory is one of the Civil engineering Laboratories which is fully equipped  and supported by highly qualified technical staff to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers and Engineers.

Our Laboratory is NABL Accredited (ISO/IEC: 2005)  [Certificate No : T 1941].

It is equipped with the apparatus needed for highway materials (i.e. Aggregates, Bitumen , Bitumen Emulsion, Soil, Cement, etc.) , which include Mix designs for Flexible pavements (i.e for Granular layers, Binder Course and Wearing Course)  & Concrete Pavements (i.e. for Pavement Quality Concrete & Dry Lean Concrete) .

Also our laboratory contains equipments needed for Field Tests (i.e. Benkelmen Beam Deflection Test & Roughness Test).  Our trained professionals are very much capable for performing onsite testing with required accuracy and in designated time period.

Equipments for Highway Laboratory:

  • Standard and Modified Marshall Compactor Apparatus.
  • Stability and Flow Apparatus.
  • Penetration Apparatus.
  • Softening Point Apparatus.
  • Ductility Test Apparatus.
  • Centrifuge Extractor.
  • Pensy Martens Test Apparatus.
  • Polished Stone Value Apparatus.
  • Bath for Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity test for Bitumen.
  • Thin Film Oven.
  • Apparatus for Particle charge of Emulsion.
  • Saybolt Furol Viscometer.
  • Concrete Mixer.
  • Compressive Strength Test Apparatus.
  • CBR Apparatus.
  • Standard and Modified Proctor Test Apparatus.
  • Impact Value Test Apparatus.
  • Crushing Value Test Apparatus.
  • Abrasion Test Apparatus.
  • Benkelmen Beam Test Apparatus.
  • Bump Integrator Apparatus.


All the tests are performed as per the reference standards - (BIS, AASHTO, ASTM, MORT&H (5th Revision), MS-2, BS, IRC etc.)

All the tests are performed by highly qualified engineers and technicians who are constantly supervised by experienced faculties in order to assure the compliance of these tests with the standards.

Quality assurance of material testing is maintained periodically by checking the calibration of equipments and upgrading with the new technology.