Road And Bridge

1.Site Visit And Data Collection
Site visits will be conducted for the collection of the data required for the purpose of preliminary and detailed survey after the work has been allotted.



2.Field Survey Project

After appropriate data collection from the site visits, conducting preliminary and detailed survey including reconnaissance, preliminary survey, traffic  survey, pegging, road final survey etc.



3.Study Of Hydrology

Hydrology of section i.e. HFL, catchment characteristics, stream /channel characteristics, linear waterway, high tide level, velocity, Rain Fall of section region, obs. Calculations etc. shall be studied. Scale of the topographic map.


1:2000 for small rivers.

1:5000 for large rivers.

The High Flood Levels and the Observed Flood Level should be indicated map
Sufficient Number of x-sections should be taken  and HFL and OFL marked on them
River Bed surveying would require soundings.
4.Evaluation Of Bridge Approaches & Alignment and Preparation Of Strip Plan
Preparation of strip plan showing the existing road land width, utility services, trees, electric poles, telephone poles, water pipe lines etc. Suitability of proposed river bridges and approaches will be examined on the basis of  the hydraulic data. Alignments and approaches along with a suitable outline of bridge structure with L- section will be approved by the respective dept.
5.Soil Investigation For Bridge And Approach
Investigating for naturally occurring materials, conducting tests for physical strength and quality of materials. Carrying out Soil - sub surface exploration i.e. exploration bore, collecting samples, filed and laboratory test etc. at all proposed location of bridge.
6.Preparing And Submitting General Arrangement Drawings
General Arrangement Drawings which are economic, aesthetic in appearance and viable for speedy construction shall be submitted to respected authority and got approved.
7.Submission Of Detailed Structural Drawings, Working Drawings And Estimates
Structural Drawings, Working Drawings and Detailed Estimates along with all necessary calculations will be submitted.
8.Verification And Vetting Of Structural Design And Estimate
All design calculations and working drawings of all components for final approval shall be submitted to the Executive Engineer and/or  Vetting Institute appointed by Government if mentioned in Contract Agreement.
9.Submission Of BOQ
As per the approval of Structural Drawings, Bill Of Quantity based on Schedule of Rates and Market Rates will be submitted.
10.Submission Of Final Report
We will carry out modifications suggested by Vetting Institute and also provide/ examine Financial Feasibility and submit the Final Report.
11.Land Acquisition Plan
Assisting PWD, Daman in preparation of Land Acquisition plans if any.
12.Assisting For Tendering Process Of Contractor
Assist Public Works department, daman in the provision of services for the procurement of contractors- preparing DPR/ BOQ and Tender documents based on international contracts/ evaluating bids of contractors and finalization of contractor.