Geo Designs & Research (P) Ltd began as a very modest firm,Gradually with time & every project proficient develop from interior design firm to a civil architectural planning firm & attained the position as one of the respectable & admired firm….has made its presence felt through original, artistic & timeless designs….under the direction of principal architects…he strove for knowledge & exposure which boarded him on a path of self – learning, study help him create a boutique identity of his practice…. A maintains trusting & a close working relationship between the designer & the client for the success & smooth functioning of any undertaken project…


You can’t chew pencils & spit ideas’ being creative is work & you shouldn’t expect to sit down & be struck with genius…at least not all the time…

At A each project is considered a milestone the focus of firm has always been to put best foot forward & create space that would be innovation experience & architectural expressions…A believes good design is produced with…sketches are social things… they are lonely outside the company of other sketches & related reference material…they are lonely if they are discarded as soon as they are done… & they definitely are happiest when everyone in the studio working on the project has spent time with them…& careful study, from careful study & research combined with technical knowledge & artistic judgment, attention to detail proportions & scale…sense ensure the finished product develops the potential within the concept….past & current projects include commercial, residential, educational, industrial mixed use & high end residential interior projects…extensive use of CAD&Computer, 3D Modelling which is done in-house…helps the client to visualize their project in the best possible manner…All experimentation with space…light & material can then be done suing this platform till the final result is achieved….


Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up…A designer is inspired by nature…his best teachers are his eyes…his mind vibrant…it can Design at every turn opens up new prospect (aspects)…very often you follow your thoughts instead of leading them…it is self-generating& sometime you become the especially in the past a person who is the legal property of another & is forced to obey them…that is when you understand that the creator & the creations are the same…

He always believed in power of experiences to transform…believed when the image is new the world is new.

Since 2007, we are offering Interior and Architectural Design Services for Institutions, Residential, Commercial and Industrial spaces. Our services are rendered by our expert team of Designers and Architects, who are proficient in the field. Their knowledge and market understanding has helped GDRPL in offering various services like:

Architectural Design Services

Interior Design Services

Landscaping Services

Master Planning Services

All these services are well planned and properly implemented for ascertaining maximum satisfaction to our clients.