We are a technically competent company, experienced with a view to ensure quality assurance and timely completion of the projects within the determined cost without any time extension and cost over-run.

For Irrigation projects we provide services such as:

-Provide over-all project management and project monitoring services

-Identify the critical activities, recommend corrective actions, task management

-Regulate and control the project time and cost overrun.

-Take and record measurements of works

-Check and certify the running and final bills as may be submitted by the Contractor

-Provide total contract management services including: contract administration, contract monitoring, checking and certification of bills, issuance of interim and final completion and taking over certificates as per the terms of the Contract.

-Witness and certify all the tests as per the contract specifications and / or the relevant BIS Specifications.

-Assist NWRWS&K Department in resolution of disputes, contract claims, etc.