Third Party Inspection


Third Party Inspection means the inspection activity carried out by independent third party which is a certified competent agency that has no vested interest in the result of inspection & are professionals in approach.
TPI services are aimed at augmenting quality surveillance activities.
Examination of process, product, service, plant & determine it’s conformity with specific requirements i.e. contract, specifications, drawings or on the basis of professional judgment, general requirements.
TPI acts as eyes & ears of owner & allows the owner a better control i.e. cross check of information.
TPI being certified & competent agency  having objective set can focus on ensuring that the quality of works meets the contract requirements without worrying about other parameters & considerations.
Combining major objectives of Projects like Progress, Cost, Quality & Safety under the control of the same entity will create situations of conflict where decisions will be taken at the expense of one of the four equally important parameters.